Born and raised in Réunion Island, a French territory in the Indian Ocean, Laura Payet discovered photography when she was 15 years of age and has dedicated her life to it ever since.

After graduating from a photography school in Montpellier, she learnt technique and maturity through experience. The experience of sharing what she sees, how she sees it and how she feels in the moment: the beauty of simplicity. She captures people through their beauty and their gaze, and enjoys as much immortalizing a cup of coffee as she would taking the portrait of a woman under a coconut tree.

She pays attention to detail, atmosphere of the place she is celebrating.

For Laura, photographs are not just images, but feelings, an emotion waiting to be shared. Her work usually spans from lifestyle photography to portrait, but she equally enjoys architecture, landscapes and fashion.

Works only with natural light, plays on shadows, colors and atmospheres: for Laura Payet, beauty is not synonymous with perfection, but with perspective.